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spring re-opening

PODANO 01 April 2015  • 28 KOMENTARJEV  • V
spring re-opening
Our B&B re-opens after winter closure and we are getting ready for another exciting season with you. Some new surprises comming soon....

Fotografija: Renate http://www.renatesreiser.com/

28 KOMENTARJEV NA "spring re-opening"
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...?  • 08 August 2016
Obj: 1 night - 2 rooms x 2+2 adults Dear Mr Stekar, we should like to know availability and conditions for 1 night ( 16 -> 17 August) care your B&B. Kindest regards M. Fochessati Italy
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Jaelyn  • 12 Marec 2017
A wonredful card, Eulanda! :) I'm so happy to see you on the team and look forward to be working with you and all the others. My first year on the team has passed already, I just love being here! :)Happy Sunday! Love, Hege
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